backburner / CMDJOB: submitsコマンドプロンプト一覧

CMDJOB <options> executable_to_run <executable parameters>

Submits a command line job to Backburner.


   -?                            - Show this help file.
   -cmdFile:<files>              - Semicolon separated list of text files
     OR                            that contains any of the options below.
   @<files>                        Can be used alongside these options.

                           -JOB OPTIONS-

   -jobName:<name>               - Job name.
                                   Default is 'cmdJob'.
   -description:<string>         - Sets a description for the job.
   -priority:<number>            - Sets job's priority.
                                   Default is 50.
   -workPath:<folder>            - Working folder for cmdjob.exe and servers.
                                   Used to resolve relative paths for running
                                   the executable.
                                   Default for cmdjob.exe is the current path.
                                   Default for the Servers is Backburner's.
   -logPath:<folder>             - Task log folder.
                                   Default is to not produce a log.
   -showOutput:<files>           - Semicolon separated list of output files
                                   to be accessible from the Monitor.

                          -SUBMIT OPTIONS-

   -dependencies:<job handles>   - Comma separated list of job dependencies.
   -timeout:<minutes>            - Sets a timeout per task.
                                   Default is 60 minutes.
   -attach                       - Attaches the executable to the job.
   -progress                     - Monitor the job progress.
   -suspended                    - Starts the job suspended.
   -userRights                   - Run the command line job with submitter's

                          -NETWORK OPTIONS-

   -manager:<name>               - Manager name, default is automatic search.
   -port:<number>                - Port number.
   -servers:<servers>            - Comma separated list of servers.
                                   (Ignored if a group is used)
   -serverCount:<number>         - Max number of servers that can work on this
                                   job at any point in time.
   -group:<group>                - Group name of servers to use.


   -taskList:<file>              - File contains a tab separated table.
                                   Use fill-in tokens to reference the table.
   -taskName:<index>             - Sets the task name from the task list file
                                   0=Unnamed, 1-X=column index in the file
   -numTasks:<number>            - Number of tasks to perform.
                                   (Ignored if -taskList is used)
   -tp_start:<number>            - Specify the starting value of an internally
                                   generated table used as a task list file.
                                   (Ignored if -taskList is used)
   -tp_jump:<number>             - Specify the increment of the internally
                                   generated table used as a task list file.
                                   (Ignored if -taskList is used)
   -jobParamFile:<file>          - File with two tab separated column used to
                                   add custom data to the job.
                                   The first colum is the parameter's name.
                                   The second column is the parameter's value.

                        -NOTIFICATION OPTIONS-

   -emailFrom:<address>          - Source email address for notification.
   -emailTo:<address>            - Destination email address for notification.
   -emailServer:<server>         - SMTP name of email server to use.
   -emailCompletion              - Notify by email job completion.
   -emailFailure                 - Notify by email job failure.
   -emailProgress:<number>       - Notify by email the completion of every
                                   Nth task

                           -FILL-IN TOKENS-

   Placeholder tokens that are replaced while calling executable.
   These are evaluated on a per server basis.
   These are not recursive.  For example, %tp1 cannot evaluate to
   contain a fill-in token itself.

   %dsc                          - The job description.
   %srv                          - Name of the server executing the task.
   %tpX                          - Task parameter X from the task list.
                                     X, column index in the task list file.
                                     Rows correspond to the current task #.
   %*tpX                         - Same as %tpX
                                     *, number of 0 padded digits to use.
   %tn                           - Task number of the assigned task.
   %*tn                          - Same as %tn
                                     *, number of 0 padded digits to use.
   %jpX                          - Parameter X from the job parameter file.
                                     X, row index in the job parameter file.
   %*jpX                         - Same as %jpX
                                     *, number of 0 padded digits to use.


   Options are not case-sensitive.
   Only the FIRST occurrence of cmdFile/@ is used, the others are ignored.
   Only the LAST occurrence of each other option is used.

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