Houdini:exhelp stamps

string stamps (string stamp_op_path, string token, string value)
        Returns a copy stamping string value.
        Retrieves a stamping variable. See copy stamping.
        This expression does not with the Copy SOP.
        This function retrieves string values. For floating-point number values, use stamp.
        * <scope>: the path of the node to get the value from.
        * <token>: the name of the variable to retrieve.
        * <value>: the default string to use if <token> does not exist.
        Returns the string value associated with the parameter named 'token' set
        in 'scope'. 'scope' is an operator path where the value is to be looked
        up from. If the token has not been set, then 'value' is returned.
        Stamping operators set these named tokens parameters recursively on
        themselves and all ancestor parents.
        Examples of string stamping operators include the Apply Relationship
        DOP, and the Copy Data DOP.
              stamps("../copydata1", "name", "defaultname")

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