[TP] Shape Collision Dynamics-Active/Neutron/Frozen


Active - Select this option to make the particles in the selected group respond to all forces, including dynamic simulations.

Neutron - When this option is active, all particles in this group will be treated as a passive dynamic object. By passive dynamic, we are referring to how the particles will react to other particles and objects within your scene. Collisions between this passive object and other particles will occur, but it will remain uninfluenced by both the particle collisions and forces in your scene.

Particles in this group will also not respond to any force fields or space warps.

Neutron = 受動的なグループモード。コリジョン計算はするが、どんなフォース、スペースワープにも影響されない。

Frozen - Activate this radio button to get hybrid particle behavior. In this state, the particles in the selected Group behaves somewhere between the Active and Unyielding states. All particles in this group will be born as dynamically sleeping. In other words, they will not respond to any forces at all except impulses (such as collisions - only forces like Gravity and Wind will have no effect when in sleep mode). In the event of an impulse interacting with the particles in the group, the particles will become dynamically awake and respond to standard dynamics like other active objects.  

Frozen = シュミレーション計算される状態(Active)と受動的な状態(Neutron)の両機能を搭載。パーティクルが生まれたときは、Neutronの状態だが、implusesの値のみ受け付ける。(要するにコリジョンですね)この値によって、NeutronからActiveの状態に変化する。

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