[FFX] FumeFX 4.0 cache converter command line Help


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FumeFX 4.0 cache converter v.0.2.3

Copyright 2016 Sitni Sati [www.afterworks.com]


        ffxconvert -i <input cache> -o <output cache> -r <start end step> -x <channel name> -x <channel name>

        -i <input cache> - Input cache without the frame number.

        -i "C:\FFXCaches\MySim_.fxd"

        -o <output cache> - Output cache without the frame number.

        -o "C:\FFXCaches\Explosion_.fxd"
           Extension can be different from the input cache.

        -r <start end step> - Conversion range. If omitted a single frame will be converted.

        -r 1 10 2 - Conversion from frame 1 to 10 with step of 2.

        -x <channel name> - Channel(s) to exclude in the output (smoke fire temp col oxy tex vel).

        -x vel

        -m This option will try to minimize adaptive grid and create smaller cache.


        multiple frames with minimize grid and multiple channels excluded:
        ffxconvert -i "C:\FFXCaches\frame_.fxd" -o "C:\FFXCaches\frame_.vdb" -r1 120 1 -x oxy -x tex -x vel -m

        single frame with excluded velocity:

        ffxconvert -i "C:\FFXCaches\frame_0001.fxd" -o "C:\FFXCaches\frame_0001.vdb" -x vel


ffxconvert -i "S:\Output\cache\shot\FFX\exp_v02_ren\FX_exp_v2low_.fxd" -o "S:\Output\cache\shot\FFX\exp_v02_ren\FX_exp_v2low_.f3d" -r 101 300 1 -x smoke fire temp

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